Alley Art AZ – A Simple Website Design

A website built for an alley’s wall mural painted by John Anderten

About this Site
John created a mural out of an alley wall in Tempe, AZ. He wanted to create a simple website dedicated to the wall and his inspirations to create it. He had already acquired the domain name, but couldn't create the website he wanted. After speaking with him, he decided to let us handle it. He provided all the pictures, which we were able to do perspective cropping and scaling on, background removals, compositing and some other little effects to spruce them up. He gave us complete creative freedom. Initially, he wanted to have pastel colors on the site, but the photos were so beautiful and vibrant on their own, we decided to let them speak for themselves. We created the site to look like a simple art gallery showcase. We did two client reviews and he absolutely loved it.
Time to Completion
The lead time on this simple website project was about three days from start to finish. John provided all the photos, we did all the editing and content placement. Having complete creative freedom is sometimes a nerve-wracking experience, since we do a large portion of the site before the first review and never know if the client will like it. However, when entrusted to our expertise, we always deliver.
Estimated Cost
Estimated cost is an all-inclusive ~$500, which includes the site deployment, domain transfer, picture editing, testing, site design, mobile testing, and revisions.
John Anderten