Envision Interiors LLC Website Redesign

Envision Interiors LLC had us redesign their wonky Wix website.

About this Site
Envision Interiors LLC had a Wix website created by GroundFloor Creative. It was a simple slide-based site, with 5 pages, each page with individual sliders that showed images. The site didn't talk about the services they provided so much as a history of the company, so it ranked poorly in SEO. Since the site hadn't been updated in many years, the content looked old, and because it was devoid of SEO ranking content, it didn't rank well. So ,it was time for a redesign. After speaking with Seth Huffman, owner of Envision Interiors LLC, and visiting their office, we decided to take some of their stellar images on their company Instagram and showcase them in a Hero Slider, front and center on the home page. We used two images from their portfolio, and really loved the contrast between them. We went with a gold-accented theme and created a list of services directly on the home page for SEO purposes. We then itemized all of their services and created a page for each service, with information detailing the service, product, and installation process. We went a step further and went through the entirety of their Instagram page and created hashtags on every picture that would relate it to the particular service or services that picture would apply to. Then, we created Instagram galleries on each service page that showcase their previous installations. We also created an overall portfolio page with a master Instagram feed, and told them how to continue doing what they're already doing on Instagram to keep their website content fresh and up-to-date. We also embedded a scheduler onto their website and linked it to their Microsoft Exchange-based emails, so people can schedule themselves for consultations directly on the website, without ever double-booking an Envision Interiors employee. We added an "About Us" that really made their business shine, and to complement it, we added a review page that pulls all their reviews from social media sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook, and used CSS to style it so it would match the aesthetic of the rest of their page.
Time to Completion
Total lead time on a similar website would take about two to three weeks. This project was easy for us to do, and there were plenty of images to work with since Envision Interiors kept an active Instagram account.
Estimated Cost
Estimated Cost is ~$2250, which includes the site development, domain transfer, all premium plug-ins, premium security, configuration, testing, responsive design, and revisions.
Old Website
You can visit the old Envision Interiors LLC Website via this cached version on the Wayback Machine: Envision Interiors LLC OLD WEBSITE
Envision Interiors LLC