Evie Brown – REALTOR® – Real Estate Website

This was a complete website redesign for Evie Brown – REALTOR®

About this Site
Her original website (right thumbnail) was done in WordPress but was lacking responsiveness, and needed more content to take it to the next level. We did a complete overhaul and re-designed it from the ground up with mobile access in mind, and added automatic review and bi-directional content propagation from Google, Yelp, Zillow, Facebook, Instagram, and ARMLS.
Time to Completion
Total lead time on a similar website would take about three to four weeks, given existence of high-quality picture content is already at hand and ready for editing.
Estimated Cost
Estimated cost is ~$3500-$4000, which includes site deployment, all premium plug-ins (startup costs), premium security, configuration, photo editing, cross-platform posting configuration, testing, site design, post-design Zapier automation, and more. (Photography package not included, all high-quality media used was present on her social media accounts)
Old Website
You can visit the old Evie Brown Website via this cached version on the Wayback Machine: Evie Brown REALTOR®
Evie Brown - REALTOR®