Hollys Kauai Condo – Vacation Rental Website

This was a complete website redesign for Hollys Kauai Condo

About This Site
The Holly's original website (right thumbnail) was an older HTML/JScript website done in the early 2000's. They wanted a WordPress website they could update themselves that was more modernized and more attractive for prospective vacationers. We did a brand new WordPress website from the ground up and linked it to their existing Vrbo listing. We used a combination of existing photos with AI-upscaling and new photos they had taken since their condo was renovated but no renovations were displayed on their website. We also recreated their logo in a vector format so they could create promotional materials, like shirts, hats, cups, pens, etc to give to their guests when they book with them. We also branded their YouTube page with the new materials.
Time to Completion
Total lead time on a similar website would take about one to two weeks, if high-quality images for a site were readily available.
Estimated Cost
Estimated cost is $2400-$3000, which includes site development, all premium plug-ins (startup costs), premium security, configuration, photo editing, live webcam integration, and several revisions to ensure client satisfaction.
Old Website
You can visit the old HollysKauaiCondo Website via this cached version on the Wayback Machine: HollysKauaiCondo
Alan & Vicky Holly