RAD Computers (version 4)

This is the latest version of the RAD Computers website!

About this Site
The ever-evolving RAD Computers website continues to push the boundaries of what a website should be capable of doing. This time around, the goal was to modernize the site (Version 3 was created around May 2019). We wanted a complete hero-section above the fold, and we wanted to eliminate some of the issues with the previous version. We eliminated ALL of the issues, modernized the look, feel, and flow of the website, drastically improved SEO AND managed to speed the site up while simultaneously providing more content to the user. This website is currently ranking on Page 1 of Google for not-so-niche search terms ("computer repair Mesa AZ" and "computer repair near me"). Since RAD Computers is a service business, this is HUGE! Considering they have Yelp, Angi's, Asurion, Thumbtack, Home Advisor, and several other national brands AND hundreds of local competitors all competing for front page SEO ranking, imagine how much more business they're getting now? Well, we have the metrics... Their walk-in traffic has almost tripled overnight!
Time to Completion
This website is definitely a three to four week lead time site. RAD Computers allows us full creative freedom when we design for them, and we typically design a site around aesthetics, form, and function, with SEO coming in after. This time, we challenged ourselves to design the site with the primary goal of ranking higher in SEO (the previous site was page 3 for the same search terms). We did a TON of keyword research during the beginning phases and really took the time to craft an absolutely stunning landing page. We were able to recycle a lot of the automations from RAD Computers Version 3, but we had to customize every one of them to fit the new aesthetic. We're also working on some major automation on the back end that, when fully completed, will save RAD Computers hundreds of hours of work each year, AND allow them to market their service plans nation-wide!
Estimated Cost
This website took some serious time to create, but surprisingly a similar site would fall between the range of $2400-$3000. We don't expect many clients to need quite as much automation as RAD Computers has on their back-end. They utilize automations for a ticketing system, calendar system, contact system, Instagram auto-feed, Blog-to-Facebook/Blog-to-Twitter automations, Twitch-to-Facebook automations, Twitch-to-Twitter automations, PAYPAL to Facebook automations for their live stream donation shout outs, Slack integration, backup-system integration, and more. If your business needs that level of autonomy from a website, the cost would be closer to $3500-4000 which includes the 1st year of automation subscriptions (which go to the companies that charge for them, not us).
Old Website
Well, you're basically visiting RAD Computers version 3 as you read this. This website is a clone of the previous RAD Computers website. We just wanted to get this site off the ground as quickly as possible. We'll be revising our site soon, as well, and maybe we'll be ranking on Page 1 next ;)
RAD Computers