RAD Computers (v3) – Computer Repair Website

Obviously, we made our sister-company’s site as well. Always a work in progress 🙂

About this Site
RAD Computers is one of our two sister companies, the other being RAD Cellphones. The original site looked nearly identical to this one (we cloned the RAD Computers website and quickly edited it to get RAD Websites up as fast as possible). It has several pages and is an ever-evolving site. We do social media marketing to boost the SEO, primarily in the form of blog posts about Computer Repair and Managed IT Services, which we are experts on! It's currently ranking on the front page of Google search for "Computer repair Mesa, AZ" and "computer repair near me" (when people in Mesa, AZ search for it!) Not bad considering there's over 200 computer repair places in Mesa alone, and over 1000 in the surrounding Phoenix metro area :)
Time to Completion
A similar site would take about two to three weeks. We say that a lot, but truly the RAD Computers website has one of the most in-depth automation setups we've created. A combination of Setmore calendar scheduling, Instagram auto-feeds, Review site propogation, ticketing system checking, and back-end automation too, like when someone schedules themselves for an appointment on Setmore, they get automatically added into the RAD Computers internal ticketing system, an email gets sent to the client letting them know, they get automated text message reminders of the upcoming appointment, the calendar is completely integrated with Google Workspace so nobody can ever be double-booked, and SO MUCH MORE. This website is a game-changer for RAD Computers.
Estimated Cost
Setup time, plugins (and their premium subscriptions), this website would cost around $2200 to make with this version. The updated version is in our portfolio as well, take a look when you have the chance!
Old Website
Technically, this project IS the old website. You can see the new website in our portfolio. It's really RAD ;)