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Vibrant Dentistry wanted their old HTML/JS site redone in WordPress. We created a nearly-exact replica using their existing assets, with some added perks to the new page! Dr Metz was extremely satisfied.

About this Site
This site for Dr Metz was a complete site re-creation that was intended to look as close to his original (but outdated) HTML/CSS/JScript website as possible. We were able to recreate the entire site in WordPress using his existing, high-resolution photos. Because the site layout and media assets were already available, this project was completed in a little more than a week!
Time to Completion
This website re-creation took approximately seven business days to complete.
Estimated Cost
Building a WordPress site with a similar layout to this one, with roughly the same number of pages, media, and content, would cost about $1500. This cost includes: - Domain Acquisition - Site setup and allocation - WordPress Installation - Plug-In Installation - Site skeletal Design - Slide Configurations - Content Insertion - Desktop layout cleanup - Responsive layout cleanup Dr Metz is a partner of our parent company, RAD Computers! He was able to get a discount on the web design cost by signing up for our RAD PREDATOR Managed IT Services for his business!
Vibrant Dentistry